help me stitch

I recently purchased this necklace at STITCH after my mother's breast cancer surgery was complete. I purchased a special token necklace for her (with personal, important meaning behind it) and this necklace for me to remind me of how lucky we are and to bring me luck as well. I adore this necklace and everything it stands for in my life.

Then the clasp broke.

Although I'm not trying to be dramatic... I am devastated over it! Here's hoping STITCH has a replacement for me; I'm going to try to stop-by there tomorrow and see about making a little switch-a-roo.


human resources training said...

I like that you dedicated this necklace for the success of your moms Breast cancer surgery. It means something. I hope they can fix it.

online tutor jobs said...

I know this necklace means something to you but don’t take it superstitiously it’s just a necklace and it can be fixed.