coco irene

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Coco Irene, Chicago's source for gorgeous bib necklaces and other accessories. The real pleasure is all mine because I'm honored to be one of the first blogs to feature this company, as I believe we'll see these unique pieces gracing the covers of magazines soon!
Coco Irene is created by a Chicago duo who take their love of vintage movies and contemporary clothing and carve out an unfussy, effortless yet completely unique look. First beginning as a clothing line, Coco Irene has evolved into a collection of intricate accessories made from vintage and antique materials.

Creative Director and Designer Veronica Sheaffer is a self-taught seamstress who was born with an eye for vintage fashion. She previously designed 70s inspired apparel under the label Bionica Fashions in NYC and now creates retro and historical bridal gowns. Taryn Parker, Operations Director, brings experience in finance with a focus in small business, and a burning desire to help create interesting accessories that she would feel fabulous in. Together, Parker and Sheaffer create a look that blends feminine fashion with edgy individualism. Parker brings the business brain to Coco Irene, while Sheaffer's fashion aesthetic and skill drive the look.

A late-night sewing circle was the spark for the line's name: Sheaffer felt that her grandmother's name Irene typified a timeless quality and a direct inspiration, while Parker joked that cocoa and vanilla summed up the duos skin tones.
As simple as that, Coco Irene just stuck.

Our goal is to provide a direct shopping experience with our lovely customers, and we hope you enjoy the collection as much as we do!


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