Monkey Bangs

As promised, here is Michele with bangs:

Although, I wish it was a better photo... here I am posing with a monkey balloon that I received from Prince Charming on Valentine's Day.

(Cuter photos to follow at a later date...)


tiffany said...


both cute

michele: even cuter with bangs and a monkey!

hooray. you did it. you made the chippy chop!

love how they're below the brow--the classy kind! (what else would I expect!)

glad to hear you and PC are moving in and making it your own. it was a blast when dex and i first moved in together. it was for sure more different than we'd expected, but we got married so we clearly enjoyed it.

now, putting the bank accounts together was another thing...

miff said...

thanks, i did recieve a bit of a negative comment (which i deleted - can't have any nastiness on my blog!) about the whole name thing so its nice to know that theres people out there who appreciate the artist formely known as miff!