Decorating Madness!

My boyfriend and I are planning on moving-in together at the beginning of May. Besides the elatedness I am already feeling just at the thought of sharing space together and allowing for our relationship to grow to the next level, I am almost as excited to decorate together. I am very lucky, my Prince Charming has a great appreciation for nice things and wanting to keep them nice.... very unlike most men we would stereotypically expect. The following depicts how we are planning on decorating the bedroom, the only room that was not already decorated...

Please use your imagination for a moment. Picture a square room, with a sliding glass door on one side and cherry wood floors throughout. The wall perpendicular to the slider is about to become a deep charcoal grey, the ceiling a relatively taupe shade, and a deep blue (with hints of black and green) wall in the bathroom, which is visible from the bedroom.

Next, muster up all of your creative juices to imagine all of the following choices working together... in a harmony that creates peace and love...

Espresso colored curtains hanging in the way of the sliding door, able to pull to the one side to allow for entry to balcony or allow to hang straight down and across to block out the streetlight for sleeping. It is my opinion that the espresso color will only amplify the tying together of the charcoal and taupe colors within the room.

(Curtain curtesy of West Elm, duvet curtesy of Crate & Barrel)

Pushed up along the charcoal wall will sit the queen bed dressed in a taupe, charcoal and yellow striped duvet. Luckily, there is also a slim espresso brown stripe throughout the duvet as well! Background info, we've chosen yellow and a bright aqua as the accent colors for the room.

That said, the floor will be dressed in a plush aqua rug... huge in size, great in color! Which, believe it or not, corresponds very well with the wall color chosen for the bedroom. Delightful! In a corner of the room, will sit a reading nook complete with girly white couch to offset the masculinity of the other colors of the room.

(Rug and couch curtesy of Overstock)

The main bedroom furniture: bed frame, dressers, nightstands, etc. have not yet been chosen. There are four main candidates, but not one lead favorite; perhaps voting will be held here at a later date!

This is very exciting for us, and although we are pleased with our current choices we do welcome other opinions and/or ideas for this project. Once complete, I will post photos of the final product!


Joanne said...

Great choice of interiors and loving the colours! BLues and browns and natural tones look great together.
And kudos on having a bloke that shares your love for this!
Look forward to seeing pics x

Another Shade of Grey said...

I love the color scheme and all these pieces except the duvet. I'd do a solid duvet and accessorize with pattern/textured pillows. That way when it gets boring you only have to change out the pillows to make an impact. But that's for me. For you, it may be perfect!

Anonymous said...

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