The Furniture Has Been Purchased!

It all happened so fast! One minute, we're dreaming about painting wonderful relaxing colors on the walls, and the next minute... we have EIGHT pieces of furniture being delivered! So, although previously mentioned that there would be an opportunity for all to vote on our future bedroom furniture, my apologies... it's done!

When Prince Charming sets his mind to something, it gets done! (I'm a lucky girl, aren't I?!?) We had been discussing and drooling over magazines and websites for weeks... but the choices have been made and the pieces have been chosen! What you see here, is a gunmetal masculine canopy bed set-off by the acorn colored boxy nightstands accented by more feminine (than masculine) legs.

Additionally, we have chosen a long narrow dresser to set against one wall while the taller 4-drawer dresser will rest under the square window... or perhaps along the wall between the closet door and bathroom door... hmm, only time will tell! Once all of the painting is done (hopefully this weekend or next!) and the furniture is moved in, and perhaps some decorative touches are made... I will post some 'finished' photos!

All pieces courtesy of West Elm.


tiffany said...

holy cannoli!

great choices.

i can't believe you can even fit anything in your new bedroom other than just a mattress...which is all that can fit into ours in bucktown.

so happy for you guys.

funny enough. west elm was the first place we collectively purchased goods for our first move together. it's so classy!

Another Shade of Grey said...

I love West Elm so you can't go wrong here. :)

casapinka said...

VERY nice selections. I love the lines of the table legs, sort of sexy in a mid-century way. Did you see what Design*Sponge did to her bathroom last week? It would be soooo cool on an accent wall.

Also, if you are kitting your place out with mid-century style stuff there is lots on Ebay so you might throw in a few vintage pieces.

Mary T said...

Oo, I have that bed! I hope you managed to put it together. We had a huge bedroom before and now it's not big at all, but we got the bed into it. (This is Mary T from the Shelterrific "help me with what to do with my floor" post.0

Nithya said...

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