Nearly a month ago, I was tagged by both Anna of Absolutely Beautiful Things and PinkMohair. I, being somewhat of a new blogger... and not necessarily a daily user, was confused and didn't know what that meant. Since then, I have been enlightened. When a blogger is 'tagged' by a fellow blogger, one most post:

'5 Things Most People Don't Know About Me'

  1. My secret passions are interior design, party planning, and photography. Oh... and fashion, dining, sailing, chocolate... you see where this is going...
  2. Typically I only enjoy a really good home-cooked meal when it is cooked for me. Prince Charming is an incredible chef, and of course, my parents are pretty good too! I'm currently learning to become quite the little chef myself, due to the guidance of PC; however, we all know I already rock when it comes to desserts!
  3. I move every year. Up until this point in my life, I have enjoyed (yes, you read that right, ENJOYED) moving every single year. Although I try to avoid it, I do typically like change once it has occurred. Now, rather than move every year, I've been taking a huge trip every year... its been grand!
  4. Eventually, I'd like to try dying my hair platinum blonde. I wonder what I would look like, and how it would effect my persona.
  5. I'm a nerd at heart. BIG TIME!


** Terramia ** said...

Oh, nerds unite! I am one too...(aren't we all in one way, shape, or form...) (:

It's so awesome to see this taggy thing circulating... a very cool way to get to know one another!

tiffany said...

ladies always rock the desserts!