Are you Glamorous?

This morning, while checking my Gmail account, the following quote was sitting there waiting to be read:

"Any girl can be glamorous.
All you have to do is stand still and look stupid."
- Hedy Lamarr

Although I do not agree with the idea, I found this quote intriguing, laughable and inspiring enough to ask:

What do you find glamorous? How do you define it?

I find the natural ability to be glamorous to equate to maintaning a positive identity full of class, dignity, style and charm. Contrary to popular belief, I truly believe the essence of glamour really has nothing to do with external attractiveness. Yet, I define a galmorous lady as a sophisticated lady who just pulses with these aforementioned qualities... who ooozes these auras from her every word and action. Yes, there will be moments of falling-off-the-wagon; as every lady has a moment of not being/feeling like 'herself', but in the majority of her moments she is GLAMOROUS!

Next question: Do you believe a lady is born with glamour running through her veins, or does she learn it along the way?

In my non-professional opinion... I believe it is all in how she is raised and then, later in life, it is all in how she perceives herself and the world around her.

Glamour is actually a 'pretty' funny thing: let's take a look at the word. GlaMOUR, yet when pluralized, it is GlaMORous. What happened to the 'U'? What's happening to YOU? Find yourself glamorous girl, because YOU ARE!


tiffany said...

Oh my! Am I glamorous?
At first thought, perhaps. I'm at perhaps right now.

And if, you are true, in your "un-professional opinion" about being bred into glamorous territory and find the means to maintain that upkeep on one's own...then, my lady, I am not glamorous.

My husband said to me in my lastest echo chamber meeting: "When I first met you in college (he was my first year acting professor) I thought you were from Barrington. Horsey set. Rich. Rich. Rich. And were just level-headed enough not to be snotty. But, now I hear all these childhood stories. And, I'm sorry to say, you're white trash."

I was like "White Trash!"

And then he corrected himself by saying, "You are not any more, but you were raised white trash. That's cool. Not many people can say they've over come white trashness."

What a lovely thing to hear from my East Coast-bred husband. So, in that case, if over-coming white trashness is glamorous, I may re-check my thinking and say, "Why, yes!"

Michele said...

You, my dear, are glamorous INDEED!

** Terramia ** said...

FabUlous post! Love that quote... you have enRICHed my day! Merci BEAUcoup! (:

the glamorous life said...

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