Jam Session

Currently, I am in amour with The Devil Wears Prada soundtrack! A gift from, you guessed it (Prince Charming), I listen and listen and listen as much as I can! This collaboration of artists ranging from Madonna to Jamiroquai and everything inbetween offers a fun, upbeat tempo to inspire anyone! Highly recommended, you will delight in the sounds emitted from your speakers. Also: perfect for background music at your next soiree!

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tiffany said...

I'm dying to see the movie...but the only problem is, I bet the intern figures it all out at the end...and something good happens to her.

typical movie, right?

another good soundtrack--garden state. but, i wanted garden state to end in a morbid way. let zach die on the plane. let it crash to the ground. i don't believe they'd really be that into each other after one weekend.

that's my problem with modern movies. too happy.