Just Chic

You are chosen as someone I find to be chic, stylish, and great at giving advice on ANYTHING! In order to share your 'gift' with the rest of the girls in our lives, I have formed an interactive website for us! 'Just Chic' is a place for all of us to offer one another advice on fashion, beauty, relationships, life, home decor, travel... a little bit of everything that is chic!

It's free to join, and I think it will be a lot of fun! You can make your profile private or semi-private so that only our trusted friends will be able to find out information about you. This group is full of great friends, or friends of great friends... ONLY! So, we're safe as can be.. Get started by filling out your profile, and then submitting discussions or questions.

You can blog about your personal/professional life in the personal blog section of your profile, and post questions to the group on the 'Just Chic' homepage. Feel free to email me with any questions.. I think this is going to be great!



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