San Francisco & New York City

A natural born wanderer, but a bonified home-body, I tend to desire adventurous travel as much as I desire to sit on my favorite couch relaxing in front of the glowing fireplace. Today, however, marks one month since my last trip out-of-town and I am already preparing to discover where I will venture to next!

There are two cities that have been calling to me from afar, and ironically, from each coast.

San Francisco & New York City

Neither of which I have visited, but both of which offer more than I can ever imagine. Actually, the thought of visiting either of these cities leaves me quite frightened. I am fully aware that I could be just as self-sufficient in these two places as I am able in Chicago. To be quite honest, I am afraid that upon visiting San Francisco or New York City... I will not want to leave. Will I be pulled away from my current home, the only home I've ever known? I can neither confirm nor deny.

San Francisco offers a world of laid-back warmth. I am told it simulates another world inside this continent, a whole new world full of possibility.

It seems that, in San Fran, you can meet any person on the street and be immediately surrounded by welcome helping hands. Well, that AND, Full House was based there! I dream to view the rolling landscape, full of homes and trolleys. To explore the non-mall, boutique shopping... and most of all, as with most vacations, take full advantage of the sea.

New York City offers a diverse culture like nowhere else.

First of all, I know what you are thinking: YOU haven't been to NYC!?! Yes, ladies & gentlemen, this is the truth. Hard to believe, but true. I have been aching to visit this forsaken land, the land where I may thrive fully and completely... but could also be theoretically slapped in the face, and be sent running home with my tail in between my legs.

It is as if NYC is the epitome of a self-test. For some reason, I have this idea that being able to 'make-it' in NYC means you can succeed anywhere. Perhaps this thought process is the Second City way of trying to keep-up with the Jones', but only time will tell...

Moreover... this planet we call Earth is full of adventure, and although my list of wishful travel spots is continuously growing, visits to San Francisco and New York City are sure to come soon!

If any of you have visited either or both of these two places, please feel free to offer up some advice or share your favorite memories with the rest of us... use the comment section below. Cheers!


Jaclynn V. said...

You will love, love, love NYC. It is amazing. I think everyone should go to New York at least once in their life. It's absolutely electric and we won't even go into the fashion because there is no comparison to NYC. Broadway shows are also to die for. It's so much fun.
On the otherhand SF is a place I will soon travel to. I've got my flight booked and am ready to go (although i'm not going until spring). But it should be nice and relaxing time.
I'm sorry I couldn't offer more help but I would go to NYC. It's amazing.

tiffany said...

If that is your choosing, I'll give you a lead on a few great vintage stores & cute boutiques. You'd love the West Village. Oh my goodness. Please go to NYC. It's only a 1 hour 40 minute flight. Sheezh, it's practically closer than the burbs. Happy choosing. Haven't been to NYC since tax-free week back in February. Planning to go again during this time.

Don't feel bad I've never even been to California.

Jackie said...

You already know what city I am fond of...NYC!
You have to come here! It's crazy but at the same time someone like you would thrive here. There is so much to do and the fashion industry is absolutely nuts but in a good way! I wish I could tell you more but it is just something you have to experience for yourself to understand.

papa said...

San Francisco!

Well, both are great actually. So you can't go wrong with either NYC or SF.

Curiously enough, Chicago is the one big American city that I have yet to visit and that I REALLY want to see (esp. for the architecture and its role as the birthplace of the skyscraper).

I've also read about those Chicago style foods of yours (pizza, the chicago hotdog). And I hear there's a great Greek community out there (assuming that means great Greek food too?).

Elisha said...

Meee-chele! NYC is the GREATEST city ever!!! Well, not that there aren't any other greatest cities ever, I have so many on my list, BUT... I really, really, really LOOOOOOVE New York!! In fact I'm headed there in a few weeks again... I can never stay away too long!! You shall absolutely, positively fall utterly in love with it!!

The Simple Leaf said...

Both awesome cities. I lived in New York for a little while, so I'm a bit more partial to it. My favorite area is the upper west side. Awesome restaurants! Check out Tom's Restaurant for a Seinfeld experience. Or Columbia Bagels on 110th & Broadway.

Devyn said...

I have visted SF and NYC many times, having grown up in Central California, and my best friend living in NYC, I would love to live in either one.... But... fabulocity and shopping aside, neither can offer the quality of life available in Chicago. There is a fine balance of affordability and style....

I will admit to traveling to NYC a few times a year to get recharged, and each time I think about moving there... Then I come home, put my dirty clothes in my own washer, and remember how much my best friend pays for his 345 sq ft (about as much as I pay for my mortgage).

skittles said...

Come to NYC and see it for yourself.
You will not want to leave!

Michele said...

It's official... I'm heading to New York City with Prince Charming soon! (and I'm counting down the days!)