Furniture & Home Accessories Sale

They're at it again! West Elm has launched another 50% off sale on select items for online purchase! If you are not familiar with West Elm, take advantage of this offer in order to get acquainted!

Astonished at the yet-again 50% off sale, I find myself desperate to buy something new! My credit cards, however, scream other things at me... and unfortunately, their screams are much louder.


tiffany said...

I heart West Elm.

This very sale is how my husband and I got our jute rugs (that my dog likes to wipe her mouth on) and our amazing accent pillows and light fixtures and bathroom shower curtain.

Did you know that there is a West Elm store on 88 on the way to Downer's Grove? I can see if from the Highway, but never got a chance to go it.

If the world made me a millionairess, I would buy most all of my items for my home here.

I think I had a dream about you last night. Look, now I'm dreaming about you...sheesh.

Amish Furniture said...

West Elm has gorgeous stuff. Love shopping there and a 50% off is a no brainer. I absolutely have to catch it.