First Friday at the Flat Iron

Flat Iron Building

One of my favorite local artist venues, the Flat Iron Building is the place to be this Friday. Beginning a new tradition, be one of the many appreciative art viewers at First Friday at the Flat Iron! Showcasing Chicago's greatest artists, with a multitude of genres, the Flat Iron Building is located at 1579 N. Milwaukee Avenue and offers live/work space to wonderful artists. Many of these talented persons do indeed live on the premise, as well as design, while others mainly use this opportunity as private gallery space. Two of my favorite artists with galleries within the Flat Iron (not that I have favorites..) are Marketa Sivek and James Monroe.

Marketa Sivek was born in Czechoslovakia and immigrated to the United States in 1992. Her work is typically found as oil in glamorous color schemes on canvas that attracts the eye in wonderous ways. Perhaps because I am also Czech, however I doubt that as the sole reason, but I am drawn to her work. Just sucked right in to Marketa Sivek's use of color and texture on each piece. I have yet to find a piece of work by Sivek that I do not want to take home with me. Photos of her gallery are found here.

Also working with a bold palette, James Monroe offers the viewer a look at ordinary objects through his eyes. Offering his 'take' on many subjects, the work done in oil on canvas never ceases to amaze me.

On an end note, it is important to mention that although both of these artists work in oils on canvas... the work showcased by over 50 artists within the Flat Iron Building is complete with pieces of a plethora of tastes, ideals, and desires. There IS something for everyone. And, since this is in Bucktown/Wicker Park, we can ALL feel welcome and loved during this journey through art. (Not stuffy, just adventurous!)

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