The Wait is Over

It only took five & a half years for Prince Charming to succumb to my advances, and it was worth every minute! Last week we became engaged!

We get to wake up in each other's arms every morning (most of the time), share a hug in celebration or remorse, high-five at every touchdown, enjoy delicious meals and all-around be a mushy, envy-building bundle of love. We're lucky people to have found one another (thanks to our mutual friend, who helped speed-up the process).

We're extremely elated about this time in our lives. The feeling of being engaged, the moments of wedding celebration and the collaboration of two families coming together to support two 'kids' building their life together. We're loved very much by both of our families (maybe sometimes too much!) and they could not be happier that we've decided it was time to move into the next phase of the relationship. We feel the same.

But, let's talk about what you're really interested in - the planning of all of the events that follow an engagement. Side note: why is it that 99% of women are obsessed with planning events? Anyways...

I'm looking forward to using this blog as a spot to throw ideas and see what sticks. Feel free to share your thoughts on all items I share - don't be shy, everyone has an opinion!

First up, engagement party... let's do this!


Danette Zoda Yepsen said...

yipee! so happy for you both! ~

Michele said...

Thank you, lovely!

Allison Ramos said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you!!