Vegas Whirlwind

When I discovered I was without plans for Labor Day, I quickly phoned my cousin in San Antonio (let's call her 'Texas') to see if she'd enjoy a little summertime Chi... Little did I know what she'd have in store for me. As you've probably guessed, based alone by the name of this blog post, we ended up spending three nights of jammed packed fun in Vegas. Our first non-hometown visit together, this was a weekend of excitement waiting to happen.

The night before I set-off into the other world, I packed. And packed. And packed. I thought I was overpacking, but turns out I had the smallest suitcase in the entire town.

I did being four pairs of shoes though. I think that's pretty standard for Vegas, right?

Texas has planned this trip with several girlfriends, one of which has a friend that is, lucky for us, one of the most phenomenal concierges in Sin City. He set us, five unassuming girls from San Antonio, New York and Chicago, up to be pleasantly busy attending the best parties in town. (Many thanks to him, by the way, and prince charming and I will gladly return the favor should a Chicago visit be on the agenda!)

Upon landing, I met up with the girls at Fashion Show mall for some spending action. A dressing room, or four, later we're headed to the MGM Grand Hotel for showers and make-overs.

Friday night was filled with adventures of Tao. Both dinner and festivities were consumed within the walls of the home of the best hiphop I heard all weekend.

Saturday Texas and I did some last minute shopping and headed to the pool to meet up with the gang.

Here's me with Texas. We're darn cute.

Side note: the lion habitat is found at MGM. Always a good viewing opportunity.

As you could imagine, with five girls living in one room for three nights could get pretty crowded, pretty quickly. I decided the hallway would be my powder room and did my hair and make-up each night under the watchful gaze of Sammy Davis Jr. He's quite the opinionated on-looker with much advice on this lip color or that.

Saturday night we headed to Craftsteak, a spot not to be missed on your next visit. It was at this locale that we also ha our first celebrity sighting. LeAnne Rimes was dining at the table next to us in celebration o her birthday. Like any good, respectful Chicagoan, I ignore her presence. Right after i took her photo on the sly. Just kidding.

Debauchery continued at Tryst that night, a night that found me asleep at least 6 hours before the rest of the group retuned 'home.' Ah, to be young again! ;)

Tryst has an amazing ambience that is best enjoyed perhaps NOT on a holiday weekend.

Sunday I stayed true to my core and visited my favorite spa on the planet, The Bathhouse at The Hotel within the confines of Mandalay Bay. One word describes my afternoon: delightful. Oh, and I did receive a bit of a sunburn that morning at the pool. Last sun of the summer, I was willing to take it all in!

Our last evening of indulgence was enhanced by a wonderful meal at Yellow Tail at the Bellagio, overlooking the fountain. You'd like us to enjoy the awe inspiring show every 15 minutes right behind our table? Don't mind if we do!

The night inched along to Pure, where we were blessed with a table and bottle service on the roof, complete with personal body guard, of course.

A wonderful time was had by all this weekend, and I'm especially happy about being able to share this time with my cousin. I love her to pieces and this was a great time for us together!

We are truly thankful for the gracious hospitality of our favorite Las Vegas-Ian, who shall remain nameless to protect his identity. He certainly came thru for us on many counts, including but not limited to the hotel, dinner reservations and our after hour festivities. Thanks, H, for looking out for us!

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