won't you be my valentine?

I fondly remember prepping Valentine's for my classmates as a child. Choosing the special 'one' out of the Cinderella 40-pack for each individual friend. Back in those days, we had to deliver a valentine to a fancily decorated white paper bag on each desk; with high-hopes for the bag full of love we would return to later in the day. Now, as adults, we're lucky we get one Valentine. That's right, one. Chances are, we only deliver one too. Make it a good one.

Perfect Together Valentine Note Card

Cupcake Love - Greeting Card

Humorous card for friend / How I attract rich, powerful men... (CAT-H019)

Funny, sexy love card / Why are you wearing clothes. (CLV-S004)

Plantable Mini Valentines (Set of 20)

Funny, sexy Valentine or love card / Long term, short term. (CLV-S001)

Tandem - Valentine Day Card

Love is in the Air - Valentine Card

Love Muffin - Valentine's Day Card

Letterpress 'I love you more than my iphone' geek, cards with matching envelope

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