beanshare is brilliant

I love the city. Mark my words, I'll never leave. Everything in an urban setting is perfect.

The only thing that leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth is my squashed desire to (1) plant grass on my balcony and (2) grow a garden so I don't have to wait until Sunday to buy produce during nine months of the year. Insert a recently read blog post, beantown beanshare...

Beantown Beanshare compliments those of us in urban settings by allowing us access to fertile soil where we can cultivate & grow gardens! There are several homeowners that have land to 'give' and many urbanites with a taste for delicious produce. Both of these types of individuals sign-up for Beantown Beanshare and are then paired up!

Have a little extra outdoor space? Sign-up to participate in Beantown Beanshare!


Kim said...

That's awesome. I would be all over that if I lived in Chicago :)

Michele said...

It's actually not just Chicago, I think it's going to be national!