Busy. Busy.

I'm currently working on planning something huge. Enormous, even! I'm trying my hand at event coordination; but not a small intimate affair. This event will host 300 ladies, 20 vendors and several entertainment avenues such as a fashion show, a yoga demonstration, perhaps a dance-off, and more! This being my first time planning an event of this type, I am admittedly a bit nervous.

The nervousness is not for the end result; I am confident the event will be superb. The nervousness is purely in the day-to-day. This week, for instance, I am focusing on selecting a venue. I've found several that I like, but what if the one I choose is not perfect? Ah... the ubiquities of 'perfect'.

I am bringing all of this up because I thought it might be interesting for you, blog readers, to track my progress and live through the process with me! The following are photos from a recent, and comparable, event in Seattle that I attended... this is our 'target'... let's see how far we land from it!

photo: Barbie Hull

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