Stinky McGee

While reworking the guest room into an office I am realizing my space is about to be shared with a very stinky monster... Rocco.

Meet the culprit:

Rocco sitting on the balcony, on the other side of the screen door.

Although adorable and loving, Rocco never ceases to create a stink; and because his litter box has historically been stored in the guest room, his stink is now my problem. Sure, summertime is right around the corner and I'll likely be blessed with delightful breezes entering into my office space; sooner or later Winter will return and the stale air will circulate around a stinky box.

What to do about that stinky mcgee!?!

It's just my sort of luck [I'm a lucky girl] that Dutch Boy paint has rolled-out a new paint product that is enhanced with baking soda! Could this be true? Can a paint that not only beautifies my office also reduce the stink in the room? That would be wonderful!

Dutch Boy introduces Refresh Paint, odor eliminating paint!

This seems too good to be true, but my interest is peaked... this is a necessity! I actually love to paint [little known fact about me] and I desperately need to do something about that stinky mcgee! Rocco & I have decided to enter a contest, run by Dutch Boy to try to win gallons of Refresh Paint, by competing to show the stinkiest room in need of a refreshing makeover. The My House Stinks contest is so very easy to enter - all I have to do is write a quick description of why the room is stinky and take a photo of the room... and if I'm chosen to win, I could win a $5,000 room makeover and 50 gallons of Dutch Boy Refresh Paint! Check out Dutch Boy's My House Stinks site if you have a stinky room and want to enter the contest too!

Take a look at the post titled work-space for my 'before' photo... I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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