Chicago-based Women Entrepreneurs, Listen Up!

The CRAVE Chicago book is a manifesto of fabulous women-owned businesses in Chicago that fit into any of these categories:

Adorn - jewelry mavens
Childrens - childrens clothes, toys, services, etc.
Connect - networking, media, technology, event services, etc.
Details - miscellaneous goods & services
Dwell - home decor
Enhance - salon, spa, fitness, etc.
Pets - pets!
Sip Savor - restaurants, chefs, etc.
Style - all things fashion including clothing & accessories

We also have a section in the book for women that run businesses in the Financial sector, or Marketing, or PR, or Web Development, or Graphic Design, or Law... these women are called Intelligentsias, and we're looking for them too!

This project has already been uber successful in Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Austin, San Francisco and Toronto... now, it's being brought to Chicago!

Email me for an example of the product, to assist in visualizing the interior of the CRAVE book.
If you would like to be a part of this fabulous project, please note I think you'll be pleased that the interview questions are all web-based to allow for a very easy fit into your busy schedule! We would also send a photographer to your location, free of charge...

The CRAVE Guides will be sold at Barnes & Noble stores, and in every boutique that is showcased in the guide. CRAVE is also working on a marketing campaign that will kick-off prior to the book's completion and will host a book launch party with all participants and media sources in attendance!

All we ask for is a small commitment of ordering a number of books at a cost of $9.98 per book. We recommend you then sell these books at $19.95, the same price at which your consumers will see them offered in other stores. This is a large and effective mark-up! As far as payment for the books go, one-half of the payment would be charged in May and the other half would be charged in August when the books are completed and delivered.

Feel free to forward to the women entrepreneurs in your life and let me know what you think! We are working toward a May 30th deadline, so please keep that in mind...

Thanks & Toodles,


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