With the uncertain economy, but the always present desire to travel, I have been at a loss these last few months... and the feel is destined to stay with me for some time! Everyday I read travel blogs and admire the glossy photos of where I wish I was.... but then I thought, its time to revamp my love of the good ol' USA. 

This summer, I elected to have a stay-cation. I took off of work for one week and stayed home, enjoying the relaxation, etc. I also invited my cousin to join me, and therefore she gained a week in Chicago (she lives in Texas)! Win-win! 

In the coming months, Prince Charming and I will be traveling to Wisconsin and Missouri; thus exercising our need to travel, but playing it smart in the spending department.

What are you and yours doing to save money, but still enjoy traveling?

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Frans loves me said...

Here's what you do... talk to all your friends and find out where their families live- then trade trips to stay with each other's families. Crazy, right? Well my new sister-in-law's dad lives near Red Lodge, Montana- an adorable little ski resort town north of Yellowstone. So in March, we all took a week to go skiing with her family (and stayed for free, of course), and next summer we are all going to stay with my family in Pensacola, Florida. Great trips, good friends (and family), low cost!