First and foremost, let it be known that I am in no position to be looking at engagement rings. However, I am extremely attracted and inspired by event planning and everything that goes into organizing a beautiful event and therefore read handfuls and handfuls of blogs related to the genre.

That is how I stumbled upon these two websites of gorgeous rings! If you are in the market, you do need to drool over the sites to preview some of the most unique rings I've ever seen! Also, for those of us without need for that kind of bling, there are some pretty delicious 'right-hand rings' as well!

Rough Diamond RingFour Circle Moonstone EarringsHeart and Rubies NecklaceBlue Topaz Ring

Photos & Design: Sarah Perlis

Thank you Wedding Chicks for the beautiful blog post inspiration!

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Andi Pandi said...

Those are beautiful! Thanks for the comment, I understand what you mean! Have you & he discussed the topic?