Do You Zip?

I think it's incredibly silly for anyone to have a car while living in the city.... any city, for that matter. There are a thousand reasons for me to debate this issue with any nay-sayer, but that's not why we're here today!

Have you heard of ZipCar? Surely you have...

It's an incredible service that allows me to pick-up a car at a moment's notice and keep it for as long as I need... 30 minutes, no problem! An hour, no problem! Overnight, no problem! For a small hourly fee: the rental charge, gas costs, insurance and sometimes the tollway fees are all covered! How do they do that? IT'S AMAZING!

[You should also note: if you keep the car for 10 hours or more, the fee is no longer hourly. Instead it is a lump sum and is cheaper than paying by the hour!]

If you haven't signed-up yet, I've placed a link to the right (or just under my photo on the right-hand side) that provides you with a $25 discount on your first rental! Niiiiiiiiiiice!

The people that invented ZipCar are genius!


jail diet said...

It is super dooper smart! And I'm thankful it's there for people to trek across the city when they need to take something a city bus just can't handle.

However, we do have a car--oh well. With a husband who has his own theater company, we haul scenery and actors across town daily and nightly.

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