True Love?


And no, don't ask me if you can touch it... go get your own!


jail diet said...

yeah! You're back!!! i re-added you because i thought this was gone, and i'm glad you're updating every now and then!

how is the phone?--obviously, amazing.
dexter's getting one for his birthday in february because our cell contract with sprint is up in early march. how's at&t service?

Michele said...

Yes, I have been MIA and I apologize. Lack of time, and too much else going on - I guess this is the typical response for MIA bloggers who return. That said, iPhone is lovely! I've always had AT&T/Cingular service (since forever!) so that was not a change for me... I typically don't have problems with it, except in elevators, etc. And.. please don't believe the hype about the cost... the plan is NOT that much more expensive!