I've been far, far away... but I have returned!

Sorry for the very long delay, I don't know what came over me! Most importantly though, we MUST update you on the room progress. Found here within, are some quasi-final photographs of the bedroom decorating! I say quasi-final because a few tiny tweaks (bathroom has been organized!) have been made since I took these photographs... enjoy!


jail diet said...

it looks fantastic. very great mix between masculine and feminine--something that is often hard to find the balance when you move in together. i love the yellow lamp!

i saw the sheets in the washer from the girl who lives beneath us--they were light lilac. as i closed the lid to return upstairs (knowing that i couldn't do laundry yet) i thought, ahh...those were the days. one day, lady you won't be able to have pretty girl sheets anymore.

however, neutral does make you grow up quickly. as someone who really likes color marrying someone who will only buy things in navy, grey, charcoal, near black, and black, I've learned to adjust and enjoy.

ahh romance.
enjoy the room you two!

ALL THE BEST said...

I love the yellow lamp!!