For some time now, one of my favorite online shopping sources has been Vivre. Apparently, I am not the only one that has caught on to its fantastic items that allow us to live life a little happier. Vanity Fair has published a mini-article within its Feburary 2007 issue, see below.

Be sure to check out the 70% off sale going-on now!


Michele said...

Ooooo! I found another great site today! The Refinery29 Shops!

Anna said...

Oh, that's so strange that you are mentioning "Vivre" I was recently in Hawaii and we were out to dinner and the lady at the table next to us had the most beautiful vintagy looking bamboo clutch bag which my friend and I fell in love with. We asked here where she got it and she said to check out Vivre's website. Since being home I have checked this website out and yes it was there with lots of other beautiful things!!