Chick Advisor

This afternoon I located a new site where we can all share our favorite (or LEAST favorite) products, restaurants, fitness options, etc. with the world! This phenomenon is called Chick Advisor. It might seem cheesy to some of you, but so far... I've really enjoyed entering my 'favorites'. Additionally, you can't blame me for looking for additional ways to get Chocolate Pizza Stiletto Love known to the world.

The following is the 'sell' from the owner of the site, Miss Chickie.

"I LOVE your bag! Where'd you get that?"

"Your hair looks fantastic! Where do you go?"

Nothing beats a good recommendation, and that's what ChickAdvisor is all about!

Get valuable advice and recommendations from other women on everything from highlights, to health clubs, to the latest fashion finds, trends and sample sales. Then click through to buy your favorite products online!

Be heard! Add your own reviews on your favorite products and services. Simply click Add a Review to get started.

And, don't forget to check out our deals and forums!

Check out my 'Hotlist' to the right... this list will be forever changing, as I add or delete my 'favorites' from Chick Advisor. Additionally, there is a section of the site where you can ask for advice regarding cooking or relationships or fitness or anything you can think of!

Realistically, Chick Advisor seems like a mix of myspace and fashion blogs for the urban jungle survivor... check it out... you won't know if you like it until you give it a try!

Good Luck!


Michele said...

As you've probably noticed, my 'Hotlist' is currently not working.. I've contacted Miss Chickie and we are working on a solution. Stay tuned!

Ali said...

Thanks for the mention, Michele! Great blog too!

Yes, how embarrasing that you feature us and it's not pulling stuff in properly (blushing). But we're looking into it and will fix that for you as soon as possible.

Our site is really new and just launched Sept 2006 so sometimes there are bugs.

Thanks for your support and have a great day!

Ali said...

It's fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience.