Fit Day

As many Americans begin to embark their New Year's Resolutions, I've heard that over 70% of us have listed 'live a healthier life' (in one way or another) at the top of the list! Some say "Move More, Eat Less" and some just want to make better choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today I've found a great source to accurately track your progress throughout the new year. Fit Day is a web-based program for an individual to track the foods consumed and activities accomplished while defining definitive goals placed. Check out my program here:

Michele's Fit Day Journal

Good luck to all... and Happy New Year!

~For your own knowledge, have no fear... your Fit Day Journal will only be public if you choose to make it public.... this is NOT mandatory!~

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tiffany said...

fantastic resolution! it sounds scary. cheers to you to have the courage to be so tedious about something we all want to deny and pretend doesn't exist.

happy new year lady!