Chic J.Crew

Have you seen the things they have brewing over at J.Crew lately? Between the current offerings and what I have seen of the coming-soon Spring line.... I'm in love! I think it's been eight years since I last made a purchase at J.Crew. (Yes, I was obsessed while in high school.)

But it is back! I neeeeeed these two fabulous items!


Michele said...

Prince Charming once asked me "why do you always wear dresses? Why not just a top and bottom combo?". One phrase for you, Mr. Smarty-Pants: I'm a girl!

tiffany said...

Warning! Be careful now on their sizing.

They for sure "Glamoursize" things.

I can't even wear most of their adorble vintage-y smallest size petite dresses because they are too big for me--even though my measurements fit the description perfectly. I recommend you go to your local J Crew and try on something similar if the style is only available on-line.

I'm addicted, too. Who would'a thunk?

Phoebe said...

i was obsessed in high school-- then they had a very weak period... now i love their design for the most part, but am so annoyed at how bad their customer service has gotten (no returns on sale items; prices at double what they used to be).

but you're right-- jcrew and anthropologie have both found a way to make mass market clothes feel personal, stylish, totally of the moment. xxp