I'm thinking about getting bangs.

Let's take a poll:

In or Out?

Please post a comment and let me know what you think!


InnCoggNitto said...

Let's see...

With bangs, you'll have to curl them every day, so that's a pain.

With bangs, you can keep a lot of your hair out of your eyes, so that's good.

I fell in love with a woman with bangs, so I like bangs. Did I help?

tiffany said...

I'm contemplating fringe (what the Brits call bangs) myself.

Each day I go back and forth. Seriously!
Do I get my bangs cut? Do I leave them long?

So, can a really indecisive person give advice?

Bangs look awful natty when they grow out. Are you willing to endure the nattiness when you decide to change your mind back to long bangs--whenever that will be?

Think about how you wear your hair every day.

I had bangs on and off for the last six years after having them long for quite some time. If you're contemplating a new chic look, I say go bold and get them cut--I'm always up for a good chop.

Sheesh, now I've convinced myself back to getting bangs after yesterday I'd decided that I'm leaving them long.

Thanks for making my decision harder! (ha!)

BobKravetz said...

Bang a NO-NO. Lets see...let us consider a few reasons you should NOTTTTT have bangs. Hmmmmmm.
1. They'll get caught in the bus doors as they close because you couldn't board while the door was fully open and boarding normally wouldn't be the "norm". Tripping on the stairway not considered.
2. They'll collect rising steam from your $5.00 morning cuppa as you're catching you breath from almost missing the bus.
3. They'll block your vision while typing on the computer, or at least you'll think you're typing since you can't see the keyboard anyway due to your BANGS being in the way.
4. And lets not forget the 2nd most impportant guy in your life, my buddy Rocki, who won't know who you are. Remember your Dad's "perm"?
5. And most importantly, what about #1? He should be considered in this life changing decision, not that his decision is "like final", but what the heck....better ask First ChocolatePizzaSilettoLove-BANGS-a-NO-NO.

Another Shade of Grey said...

I say in.

Talitha said...

I say no...

Mi said...

awesome blog, hope you don't mind if I link it :-)

platinum blonde said...

IN! i love bangs...reese witherspoon looked so cute with bangs at the golden globes. and for dark hair inspiration look at the gorgeous zooey deschanel...i always love her bangs

suburban prep said...

I have bangs and have since I was in college. Many people have stated that I should probably grow them out but the process of growing them out what a pain. I feel that bangs make you look a bit younger. (I am all for that).

My Marrakech said...

hmmmm....not so sure about the bangs. I am having a really good hair day today and that's all it takes for me to feel like I am able to dispense hair wisdom. Ha!