540 North Dearborn

Do you recognize this address?

In October, I ordered an unbelievable pair of patent leather long gloves from Neiman Marcus in order to prepare to brave the frigid Chicago Winter. These gloves were on back-order for quite some time.... that is until Monday. When I received an email from Neiman Marcus informing me of the shipment of said gloves! Wonderful! I could not have been more excited.... especially because Neiman's originally informed me that the gloves might NEVER be shipped!

Overly Happy Techie Me, I obviously checked the tracking number to see where my gloves may be... they were in CHICAGO! What!?! The United States Post Office indicated on their website that they had left notice for delivery of package on two occasions. Two occasions??? Sunday morning - I received no notice. Monday afternoon - I received no notice. Clearly upset, I called the USPS 800 number.

After speaking with a very friendly phone operator, I discovered the package could not be rerouted to my work address and it was currently be held at the 540 North Dearborn location. I called the 540 North Dearborn location immediately. My goal was to ask them to hold the package there so I could pick it up, rather than having to undergo future failed attempts at delivering it to my apartment.

Call Attempt #1: I hear someone pick up the receiver
I hear background music
I hear 'click' as the phone is hung up

Call Attempt #2:
On the fourth ring, someone named 'X' picks up the phone
I start the conversation, but am interrupted as...
'X' decides to put me on hold
I hold for quite some time...
I give up; I will call back later

Call Attempt #3:
'X' picks up the phone again
I start the conversation, but am interrupted as...
'X' decides to put me on hold
I hold for quite some time...
I give up; I will call back later

....you get the picture....

Call Attempt #4:
'X' picks up the phone
I proceed to give her the tracking number
She tells me the tracking number doesn't exist
You & I both know this is incorrect, as the 800 number already confirmed
I convince 'X' of her incorrect statement
15 minutes later...
She assures me the package will be left there for pick-up
I begin to say "Thank you very much, I'll be th-...."
'X' hung up on me in mid-sentence

At least I'll finally be getting my patent leather Neiman's gloves!
However, I don't stop there. I think 'X' should be reported to her higher-ups. I submit a professional complaint on the USPS website.

Upon arriving at the 540 North Dearborn USPS location, I am informed that my package does not exist. Of course I am livid. I remain calm and begin talking to a kind man named 'Y'. He spends the next ten minutes genuinely searching for my package. He finds it! Cheers to 'Y'!!!

Wednesday, I receive a response email from the USPS:
I will be happy to document this complaint. However, I need some additional information so this can be sent to the correct office and you can be contacted. Please reply to this email with the following information:

- Time of incident
- Location of this Post Office and the phone number you called
- Whether you would like to receive a call regarding this issue (There is no guarantee that further information can be provided via email.)
I reply with the necessary information. I do not expect a phone call from the USPS, I do not deem that necessary.

Friday morning (today), I am sitting at my desk in the office, when my phone rings. It is the USPS wanting to follow-up on the complaint that I had submitted. Strange... I emailed all of the facts. I ask why they are calling... the conversation goes something like this:
  • Me: I don't understand why you are calling.
  • USPS: We need to follow up on your complaint. Would you like to tell me what occurred?
  • Me: I documented everything in an email, which I believe you all have received.
  • USPS: Describe the situation.
  • Me: Well, first I should let you know that I never received the two 'supposed' delivery notices that were left for me; granted my mail delivery person is typically very good. **Blah**Blah**Blah** Additionally, I called the 540 North Dearborn location and ...
  • USPS: Do you recognize this voice?
  • Me: What?
  • USPS: Do you recognize the voice of the woman that is speaking to you?
  • Me: Excuse me?
  • USPS: This is 'X'.
You can imagine my shock and lack of coherence as I tried to determine what the hell was going on. I continued to ask why she was calling me, how she received my phone number, the questions any of us would ask a 'horror flick type' caller. Apparently she was standing there with her supervisor, calling me. No, not calling me... arguing with me about what happened. Then:
  • Me: I don't have time for this. I submitted my complaint and that's that. If my boss knew I was spending company time talking to you about this, he would be very upset.
  • USPS: Well, then let me talk to your boss.
  • Me: Excuse me? My boss has nothing to do with this. He is a man worth seven figures and would find this conversation a waste of his time, as well. Frankly, he would say "I don't give a shit."
  • USPS: There is no need for profanity.
  • Me: There is no need for this conversation. I DO NOT CARE.
And shortly thereafter, we hung up. Seriously, this conversation is clearly some form of harassment and can actually be classified as 'intimidating a witness'... for which you can be sent to jail! Watch out USPS, if you call me again... I will be pressing charges. This is ridiculous! (I sent another email to the USPS, educating them on this fact.)

Meanwhile, the locks on the door to my apartment seem very loose lately... like someone is trying to break-in again. Coincidence? I think not.


Michele said...

Basically if I end up missing, or am found in a ditch somewhere, contact the USPS at 540 North Dearborn! Geez!

tiffany said...

I hate the USPS! They are the RUDEST people in the world! Their Lincoln Park post office has caused me much anger, so I can only imagine how that person was on the phone. Once, while standing in line, a postal worker interrupted my conversation with a friend I was with. She said, "Are you guys talking about me?" I was like, "Excuse me. No!" She then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't get my "attitude on with her." Maybe it's the same chick.

That aside...I can't believe that she called you back! How manipulative of her! At least you've got your gloves, but may thay not be tinged with the anger left behind to get them in the first place!

And there's another rude place, Neiman Marcus! The sales people there need a serious reality check!

Please be safe.