What's Mine is Yours

Lately, I've been thinking about doing a little 'Fall Cleaning' and donating many of my articles of clothing to charity. I thought about doing this the easy way: placing all of my items no longer on the favorite list into a clear plastic HUGE garbage bag and then placing the bag into the alley. The rumor is, if you follow these steps, several homeless people will notice the bags and take what they need.

However, being unsure if the individuals who actually need the articles of clothing will get to the bags before the garbage man does, I began to look for an alternative route.

There are the standard options: Salvation Army, Good Will, the local church, etc. This morning I researched slightly and found an interesting article on the topic on the Charity Guide website. Please use that link to click through for full article.

Interesting points are made, i.e. You throw away 67.9 pounds of used clothing and rags each year, if you're like the typical American. Collectively, Americans discard two quadrillion pounds (that's a two with fifteen zeroes) of used clothing and textiles into the landfills each year. Most importantly, though, are the options for donation found at the bottom of the article. Who knew there are multitudes of organizations that collect women's clothing (and more!) for the less fortunate.

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