The Must Have List - Autumn 2006

The Must Have List - Autumn 2006

As you begin to collect your Autumn 2006 wardrobe, do your best to include pieces that belong to the following groups:

***Disclaimer: although this list could go on forever, these are a few of my favorite must-haves that I believe are transitional to the next season and wearable for seasons to come...
  1. Knits, any of them!
    In every store window, the shopper is entranced by gorgeous knits, mended in the softest fabrics! Sweaters are probably my favorite pa
    rt of autumn and winter due to their adaptability. The right sweater in the right color can dress up my jeans or complement a gorgeous skirt or pair of pants. Heck, sweater dresses are also back! However, sweaters can also be worn randomly with your casual jeans... similarly to your favorite collegiate sweatshirt. I love sweaters!

    Marc Jacobs

  2. Hats
    There are just an exhorberant amount of hats to be paired with the lady-like coats this season; and I believe both will transition well into Winter. Although I personally can NEVER find the perfect hat for me, Russian Mafia Princess hat excluded of course, the hats this season are just amazing!!

  3. Plaid (Yes, I said plaid!)
    Diane von Furstenberg herself (!) has designed this fabulous piece for Autumn 2006. Coupled with Gwen Stefani's constant use of plaids, among other designers, this is not your dad's farmer flannel shirt we're ooo-ing and ah-ing after!

    Diane von Furstenberg

  4. Chocolate & Black & Red
    These colors are big. HUGE! And even greater when ensembled together. If worn individually, use different shades of the same color. We do not want to see anything too matchy-matchy!

    Karl Lagerfeld

  5. The Short Boot
    Sassy and versatile, the short boot is back in a BIG way! This, ladies, is great news because historically the short boot is typically easier to walk in as well! Stick to a boot with a heel between 2-4 inches in height, with the top of the boot hitting your leg mid-calf. Or, be a little dangerous and experiment with the ankle boot! Any color will do!

  6. Metallics
    Although offered in a variety of wonderful clothing items... have you seen YSL's bronze metallic pumps yet? You're going to love them from day one.

    Michael Kors

  7. Suede
    Although velvet is thought to be the fabric of kings & queens, suede is the fabric of life. Suede - good construction with a soft touch. Isn't that what we're all looking for in a man? Wow. Eye opening. And you'll look beautiful too!

  8. Animal Print
    It is true - I would not lie. Especially about ensuring you look good! Animal prints are back, but in a subtle way. We're not talking wild hot pink cheetah, I am encouraging black & white basics. If you're feeling saucy, grab something from the Roberto Cavalli collection, which seems to be inspired by our favorite wildlife.

    Roberto Cavalli

  9. Layers
    This really is the reason we enjoy the colder months of the year. Well, that and sitting in front of roaring fireplaces on a suede couch while holding hot apple cider with Jack Johnson singing in our ears. Or maybe that's just me. Regardless, layers enable us to enjoy that fire while still feeling warm and toasty when traipsing around the city admiring the Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, Christmas decorations, you get the idea. Ah... Autumn is just so cozy!

    Nanette Lepore

  10. Natural Beauty
    Do you really need an explanation? I, of all people, appreciate a well-done eye and a colorful lip. However, these fantastic looks are really only called-for during a grand event or with a special outfit. Let's be realistic, your natural beauty during the daytime or when relaxing with your Prince Charming is really all you need.

    Let me reiterate. Natural beauty may still involve make-up. We don't need every lady in the Chicagoland area walking around with blotchy skin and *gasp* bedhead! I reference 'natural' as in accentuate your positives and minimize the not-so-grand parts. Like the dark circles under my eyes; I can do without those!

    Just remember this: If you were intended to be 'made-up' all of the time, you would have been born with that thick coat of eyeliner.

Now your trained eye is prepared to hit those Labor Day sales! Good luck; and remember, if the other lady customer touched it first IT IS HERS! There is no reason to pull her hair, many designers have beautiful items to offer this season. The season of fashion.

One last note: remember, if you feel good then you look good.


Jackie said...

I love this! I think you definitely hit all the key pieces for Fall. I am looking for a tartan dress right now for myself but Im not having much luck. I am looking for something relatively cheap, that could be my problem.
I love, love, love it! You know me and fashion! Keep it coming.

next time lets throw some Zac Posen in the mix! ha

Michele said...

Oh my! If you've read Neiman Marcus' Fall Catalog entitled "Definition", you will find that I am right on with all of my Autumn 2006 fashion forecasts! Way to go, me!

tiffany said...

i find fashion forecasts to be a bit silly. bronzer is always in for summer. layers are always in for winter. plaid and the color brown was "in" last year, so it's no giant surprise. (this is of no gripes to you, dear michele, but of the fashion industry.) come on, knits for heard that one before. the fashion industry needs to chill out and start calling structure the key point in fashion. what type of sillouette are we looking at is what is of more importance to me, not how to dress for winter--especially a chicago winter. i say, screw the forecast and wear what looks good on's just a sign of being "fashion forward." right? thanks for the cute blog. hope you're doing well.

Michele said...

Tiffany is right - 'trends' as they say, are recirculated as each season reapproaches. Sad, but true. What can I say, though, I still love sweaters! ;) Thanks for your insight and keep the thoughts coming!