Best Videographer. Ever.

I'm not even kidding. Other vendors may hope I am kidding because they are getting tired of competing with Ben Mahoney, Stephanie Mueller & Leap Weddings, but I'm not kidding. Leap Weddings mantra is "Film - Hair - Fun" and they are experts at all three!

This week we received our complete set of wedding videos from Leap Weddings. Whoa. Talk about sensory and emotion overload. We laughed. We cried. We watched all eight videos four times! (Ok, maybe I've watched about ten times now.) From the team's professionalism and invisibility while shooting to the flawless execution of production, we could not be happier with Leap Weddings.

It's funny. A lot of family & friends were quite surprised when, during the wedding planning process, Prince Charming and I announced we were not hiring a photographer and instead putting all of our budget into videography. Receivers of this information were astonished, annoyed and quick to try to negate our idea. Boy were they wrong. This was the smartest thing we could have done. {Disclaimer: It's also easier to make this decision when you have family & friends that are pretty dang talented behind the lens, like Cali Fagan.}

Did I also mention the team has a hair division? Steph turned by messy head of hair into something gorgeous. We had tested a style a few months prior to the wedding, but on the day of Steph turned the gorgeousness up a notch and executed a style that really completed my whole look. I walked into that day with nothing but confidence knowing I had been well taken care of and looked amazing. I felt pretty amazing thanks to her and makeup artist Eric Holt. Everyone in the wedding party that had the pleasure of working with Leap Wedding's hair team expressed the need for Steph to move-in with them and be available for hairstyling every day of the week.

Ben, Steph and their team will be friends for life. They are on Facebook - find them here. If you like their page, you may be the first to see a sneak peek of our wedding video highlight reel.

We love you, Leap Weddings!

p.s. Videographers are not just for weddings; check out Ben Mahoney Productions for some less matrimonial information.

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