Fashion Community Unite!

LaundryMagazine is bringing the fashion community together for a day of discussion, knowledge and continued learning. On Saturday October 22, 2011, the first Grow Here Workshop will be held at the Block 37 Shops. The Grow Here Workshop will focus on industry experts sharing skills and ideas that will inspire and continue to build Chicago’s fashion community.

The day will feature Q&A sessions from the most innovative leaders in the fashion industry; Mel Muoio, of TOPSHOP, Michael Corrigan of Zapwater Communications, Emma Arnold of Tres Awesome and Kelly Ryan O’Brien of the Chicago Blogger Network, Jessica Herman of Time Out Chicago, jewelry designer Laura Lombardi and ready-to-wear designer Antonio Ciutto are a few slated to speak.  
With the help of our wonderful sponsors, Block 37 Shops, Fashion Focus Chicago, Chicago Blogger Network, Poppin, Kind Healthy Snacks and Sprout Home, Grow Here Workshop will be a day full of growth and networking for emerging fashion students as well as those in Chicago’s fashion community.

Grow Here Workshop will mark the first opportunity for students to receive information on the next installment of LaundryMagazine’s Growing Works Show or on Facebook here.

For more information on ticket sales and sponsorship please visit

Student All Day Pass $65
All Day Pass $85

Ticket price includes lunch, refreshments and a gift bag for the first 150 attendees.


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