The Seating Chart is done!

Whoo hoo! Probably one of the most fun and yet stressful elements of the wedding planning is complete! The following is what I've communicated to our guests.

Yes, you're sitting by someone you don't know. No, you're not going to have a good view. Yes, your seat will probably be wobbly. No, you're not going to have enough elbow room.Yes, you'll be the last to be served dinner. No, the sound is not going to be loud enough.. or maybe yes, music will be blaring in your ears! No, you won't be able to read your menu. Yes, outside lights will be in your eyes. Actually, there is no assigned seating and it's first-come-first-served. Oh, did we mention this gig is BYOB?

Of course, we're kidding... on some of the comments! But one thing is for certain, our guests won't find out where they're sitting until it's time to eat!

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