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Prince Charming and I, as you know, are tying the knot this Fall... we're getting ready for our tasting in just under a month and are salivating at the prospects. Today, I happened upon a blog that featured photos of dishes put together by the same team for another wedding at our venue. These photos did nothing for me, but make me very hungry and get me very excited! Accompanying commentary courtesy of blogger Fat Skinny Girl.

Deconstructed salad nicoise for the cocktail reception

Out of nine or so small bites we chose for the cocktail reception, about six or so were influenced by New Orleans-- where we first fell in love. Shown are the mini crab cakes with remoulade sauce.

My dad really wanted pigs in a blanket. That wasn't happening, so we played with the idea of open face roast beef sandwiches but with beef carpaccio on toasted brioche.

Think that's spinach? We gave a subtle nod to New Orleans by having the chef create them with mustard greens.

The menu for the dinner reception.

The first course was a duo of spring pea soup and a greens salad topped with watermelon and shaved fennel.

The tenderloin tops a bed of pureed yukon potatoes and thyme jus. Not shown is the incredible halibut with sauteed spinach and pickled pearl onions.

Our wedding cake frosted with buttercream icing.

Our wedding cake featured a mint julep ganache filling. Bravo for the pastry team at RIA. They made my dream wedding cake a reality!

Our sweet surprises table featured many of our favorite desserts: s'mores with toasted marshmellows, lemon tarts, bourbon pecan tarts and French macaroons.

The French macaroons reminded me of my teenage years. Through high school, I worked at Provence Breads and Cafe on 21st Ave. in Nashville (in Hillsboro Village).

Lemon tarts. Perfect for Memorial Day weekend!

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