Wedding Day Accessories

Some say it's bad luck for the groom to see his bride before they are about-to-be-married. Bleh. I will, however, stay true to his wishes to not wanting to see what I am wearing... although I am very very very very very very bad at keeping secrets or surprises from him. Honey, if you're reading... skip this blog post!

Accessories are fun, no? The right pieces can really accentuate an overall look. Some people pile on the accessories, but there is no need - it is not quantity, but quality! The item has to be just right. Not too much, not too little.

I wish I could show you the dress, but instead I'll share my accessories:

the hat via

the clutch via

the shoe via

Well, what do you think? When I see them lined up like this, they actually look pretty ridiculous together - but when paired with the dress... swoooooooooon!

That's about as close of a look as you'll probably get until after the wedding... not to be rude or anything... I'm just really secretive about my personal life! This is huge, me sharing these details!

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