Audition, or no?

I've been asked to participate in an interview with Four Weddings; 
this is both an honor and a curse!

What a great concept, four girls go to each other's weddings and then vote on which was the best (or most fun?). The winner receives a free honeymoon? Am I missing something? Why wouldn't you want to do this? 

Well, what if the camera crew is invasive on the small family affair? What do you think? Thoughts?


tina said...
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tina said...

Sorry - I posted my comment under the wrong google account.


I'm with you. Unless you win the contest, you're basically dealing with a camera crew at your wedding for nothing; but, if you did win, you score a pimp vacation. Do you think you'll be nervous on the day of the wedding? If so, a camera crew might make you more uncomfortable. And what if you get mean girls in your group who cap on your wedding? All considerations.