To shower or not to shower

Bridal shower, that is.

Part of me wants nothing to do with the tradition of the bridal shower. It's pomp & circumstance, opening gifts in front of people... Gifts you've picked out, mind you... And another weekend dedicated to wedding 'stuff'. Ick.

Lately, though, with the removal of most things traditional from our wedding plans, I wonder if this is one of the things we'll regret not having a part of the plan. 



tina said...

I had said "no showers" and my friends MADE me have one. It was one of the most fun evenings of my entire engagement. We had a blast and I was so moved by everyone's efforts and generosity. I'm glad now that they forced me to have one.

Michele said...

Interesting... I have a feeling the same will happen to me! I was adamantly against it until this weekend, when it hit me that I might regret the decision to ban bridal showers!

Ali Phillips said...

Michele, I say have one. It does not have to have balloons and tea and silly games. What if you did a fun at home spa day where all the girls just got together and had a wonderful girls day? (with presents included for you of course). Or what if you just picked your favorite restaurant and got together for a fun lunch? Or took a cooking class together? Wine and cheese tasting? It is also a great time to have girls meet each other that may not know each other. They can meet before the wedding and get to know one another. Also a great time for female relatives to meet "the other side" and all get to know each other.

Anonymous said...

Have one but with a twist, exactly as Ali said, instead of the traditional cake and punch and a bunch of gifts shower, do something more you - a ladies outing similar to a bachelorette party but more G rated so your family can come with out embarrassment. I had the traditional shower and while the gifts were nice, I was most touched by the wonderful feeling of having my loved ones around and celebrating with me.

Angela {Phit Chicks} said...

You should definitely celebrate my dear! Life's too short to not have as many celebrations as possible.
I understand the gift dilema, it can seem so insincere.
My suggestion:
Have your guests bring "gifts" for a local women's shelter. Celebrate with food and fellowship, and take a carload of donations to some folks who need them the next day! Take a photo of you dropping them off and make a thank you note of it.

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

Michele--so glad to discover your blog! it's lovely. thx for visiting mine and congratulations!

i'm with you about the awkwardness of opening gifts at a shower but think of the party as a gift to your friends, which is what all good parties should really be about anyway.

really looking forward to following your journey.

p.s. we live north of rockford, but i'm a Lou Malnati's girl and lover of Chicago!



i love this image, whatever you do for a shower just remember you will enjoy bec of the company around you not your party!!