where to say i do

Because Prince Charming and I are planning to tie-the-knot in the same place we celebrate this moment in our lives, we are posed with a tiny challenge. We have to create an ambience for where to say "I do!" The location has been chosen, now on to the actual decor for the ceremony...

I've been looking around on a lot of blogs, and am looking for something elegant but not too 'over done.' Got any ideas? This is my current inspiration... please share your thoughts!

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Olivia Leigh said...

Saw your link on twitter and couldn't help but comment!

That wedding above was at the Elysian. A lot of the high-end hotels (Elysian, Trump, Peninsula) can be beautiful and unique when an event design house is brought in.

My favourites are the modern but elegant spaces in the city, specifically the Modern Wing at the AIC and River East Art Center. Room 1520 loft is also a sophisticated but nontraditional space.

And, of course, Cafe Brauer is always a beautiful pick for a romantic, elegant but still relaxed environment that is more historic and unique than a ballroom.

Congrats on your engagement! :)