bat those lashes

What's your go-to mascara?

I was a long-time Bourjois user, then graduated to Dior Show... now I'm back to basics {basically beautiful!} Benefit Bad Gal Lash! At $19 a pop, this classic showstopper is half the price of the previously mentioned brands and just as lovely! {Click the image below to get your own!}


tracywubsyou said...

The wand took a bit of getting used to, but I love Givenchy Phenomeneyes! Also as a cheap back up I always have a tube of Rimmel Glam Eyes stored in my makeup case. I stock up when it's BOGO ;)

I have heard great things about Benefits Bad Gal Lash though... I might have to add it to my list to try next! :)

nicole said...

I still love Dior Show - it works for me and it's about the only thing I remain loyal to!