Yes, Daddy!

UrbanDaddy, that is.

One of my favorite sites for sources of food, fun and fabulousness has brought another amazing idea to the table....

...a Motorcycle Trek in the South of France.

Prince Charming often takes serious moto rides and he has several planned for the months to come. But not one ride option has peaked my interest as much as this! How do I convince him to sign us up for this adventure?

I actually think it could be quite easy. UrbanDaddy describes this adventure as:

It's Easy Rider gone Mediterranean, with a few far-flung vineyards and boĆ®tes sprinkled in between rides. If you're already in town, they'll drop by your hotel with a bike of your choosing—a full range of Ducatis, with a Triumph and a German custom chopper in the works—before motoring off to a medieval town called Aix-en-Provence for easy access to the South's hidden gems.

Once you're there, you'll take day trips to sample freshly pressed wines, Michelin-starred lunch spots and truffle-loving bistros like La Bastide de Moustiers, Alain Ducasse's labor of love tucked away in the back roads of Provence. (If there are others, he hasn't told anyone.)

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South Loop Social Light said...

That picture is the sight of sheer perfection! I wish I could teleport and be there right now.