i like to eat; what's for dinner? Sunda!

Tonight I'll be dining here. It's not my first time, and it won't be my last...

A funny story goes along with tonight's reservation. First and foremost, a friend of mine is in town from LA. The Design Girl and I are attending dinner at Sunda because she asked me to make reservations at the best restaurant with the most fun vibe. Of course I thought 'Sunda.' I love it there!

Alas, it's very difficult to get a reservation to the best restaurant in the city with the most fun vibe. Unless you're friends with Billy Dec. Truth be told, all I did was tweet at @billydec and ask for a reservation and he made it happen - even on the busiest of busy Saturday nights!

Word on the street is, if you follow @billydec and ever request a reservation, he'll make it happen. It's great having a fab restaurateur in Chicago that understands social media and how to work-it!

Thanks, Billy!

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