tablet time: viceroy palm springs

A tablet can be many things: a scratch pad of paper, a pill, etc.

My tablet of choice, however, is Tablet Hotels. As quoted from the Tablet Hotels website "Tablet Hotels is the cure for boring travel -- the one-stop prescription shop for the jaded and harried traveler." ... and I couldn't agree more. After five minutes on the site, I fell in love and have been addicted ever since! Not only does Tablet Hotels showcase the most amazing boutique hotels around the world and offer rooms at amazing prices, the website also provides 'tablet guides' which direct even the most discerning traveler to the hotel's nearest and most coveted restaurants and entertainment venues. Bliss!

I am going to try to find time to provide a regular segment on Chocolate Pizza Stiletto Love called 'tablet time' where I will showcase one of my most recent and favorite finds from Tablet Hotels. This week...

Viceroy Palm Springs in Palm Springs, California

Style: Cutting-Edge

Atmosphere: Secluded

64 Rooms

It seems everything old becomes new again someday; who’d have thought geriatric Palm Springs could relive its glamorous glory days? Yet that’s just what’s happening, as a new generation of Angelenos skips out on Beverly Hills and heads inland to this desert oasis hideaway. And in Palm Springs, it doesn’t get more stylish than the Viceroy—once the Estrella, this place has seen it all, from Joan Crawford and Errol Flynn to American presidents and one King.

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