Take Two

I'm not the type of girl that particularly enjoys hanging around sports bars and forcing myself into the company of drunk crazies. For love, however, I make an exception; and for love, however, Prince Charming found a place we can both be happy. The Boundary, conveniently located in our neighborhood, offers a classy local where everyone feels welcome. Yes, it's a sports bar; but, for lack of a better term, it's nice!

From our friends at The Boundary, join me in welcoming the second bar I might attend to watch football games!

Apparently I'm not alone. The Boundary has been so successful and well-liked, it's founders have created a sister-asset: Sweetwater! Sweetwater is located on Michigan Avenue, at South Water Street. For those that aren't familiar with the Loop, that is just south of the Chicago River.

Photo via TimeOut Chicago

Marketed as a tavern & grille, Sweetwater will surely have delicious munchies and a great spirits & beer selection to keep the most discerning clientele happy. Having just opened a little over a week ago, I might wait this one out... and go have a look-see later.

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