Saturn in your life

There is buzz around the interwebs lately about the Saturn Return. I am not very into astrology in terms of visiting an astrologist, etc. except when I read something that makes sense. Everything I am reading about this Saturn Return resonates with me in loud ALL CAPS style wording.

Apparently, the Saturn Return typically happens between the ages of 27-30 and again later in life. I am going to focus on this first Return since that applies to me and my life. I did not know what this Saturn Return was until a recent visit to the Ruby Room wherein I met Philip who discussed my numerology with me. I booked the appointment with 'fun' in mind, and left mind-boggled. I told him nothing but my birthday, and he knew a whole lotta details about me! But, I regress...

The Saturn Return is all about the person feeling the need for change. Typically, during this stage in life, people will reassess their career, their family, their relationships and may even make drastic changes. While endings are quite possible, beginnings are quite more prevalent. If you know me, you understand why this is interesting to me particularly.

After seven years working for an extremely successful commercial real estate firm, I quit last April with new ideas of what direction my life would go. I went drastic in my change of direction; we're talking drastic! Not everyone will be as intense as me or make as crazy of changes in their lives, but everyone will do something. In fact, I found a great explanation of the four types of 20 something's ideas of movement during this time....

The following is derived from a google-search suggested website:

There tend to be four generalized paths of possibility here.

(1) Individuals who have chosen in their twenties a life structure which is really very suited to their character, may simply solidify their gains. They may receive an important promotion, take on additional responsibilities, gain increased power, but generally are just expanding on the path already selected. (This is a relatively small group among the total.)

(2) Individuals who have not really settled into a life structure, who have been experimenting, or wandering, seeking and searching in their twenties, will feel the pressure of time. A group of them will make their first real commitment at this point. They will settle into a career (as opposed to "just a job"). They will get married. They will select a life structure which gives them a sense of stability, but fits what they've learned about themselves through the years of "trying on" different things in their twenties. They will set their sights on accomplishments, and be ready to really dig in, building a foundation for the future.

(3) Individuals who have also searched in their twenties, but not developed skills, self-confidence, or necessary expertise, may continue to flounder. They will also feel a sense of pressure, of time passing them by, of wanting to do something that will last--that will make a "real" difference. Without adequate preparation or commitment, however, they tend to end up feeling blocked and frustrated. Nothing really works for them. Nothing comes together. Their efforts seem futile. To escape this trap, they must go back, build up their skills, competence and willingness to be ractical about responsibilities. They have to take more time to catch up with their peers.

(4) Individuals who have chosen in their twenties a life structure which is not very suited to their character, or who have simply changed a great deal, will make breaks. The old ways will feel confining, limiting, restrictive. Old patterns of behavior seem formalized and lifeless. In such cases, the people involved may end relationships, quit or be fired from jobs, move, or otherwise alter the basic structure of their lives. Sometimes they break out before they know what they are going toward. They simply know that they cannot continue to work with the current design. After (or while) making their breaks, these people will actively seek a firm commitment. They will look for a life tasks which will provide them with a sense of achievement, mastery and competence. They will seek out responsibilities that will help them to feel they are making a real contribution and gaining expertise.

Well, I guess I'm #4!

I think it's quite fitting that we are experiencing this change in our lives, this notion of moving-forward and changing, during a time when the entire country is evolving and learning how to live differently.

Quite interesting! Now back to thinking about style....

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