How to Feel like a Million Bucks

...all you have to do is make an appointment! Many of us utilize the relaxation of massage to find our center and re-energize, thus feeling like a million bucks. We make ourselves an appointment on perhaps a monthly basis, all the while also attending our chiropractor and therapy sessions...

Well, I have a secret... Nourhy.

Nourhy is a woman that owns a business in Bucktown. Nourhy is fabulous. Nourhy is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. Nourhy is a miracle worker. [Nourhy is also a featured CRAVE Chicago entrepreness!] You must meet Nourhy.

If you are feeling fatigued, muscles sore and overall not yourself, I highly recommend you make an appointment to visit with Nourhy at her NOW Studio for holistic healing via specialized techniques in a cozy environment.

NOW Studio is welcoming, friendly and a refuge from the outside world at the very first step you take into the apartment-like quarters. From the first sip of delicious tea, and throughout the time you spend at the NOW Studio with Nourhy, your tensions seem to melt-away...


Offering Aromatherapy/Raindrop, Bach Remedies Consult, Craniosacral, Intuitive Insights, Massage, Energy Therapy, Reflexology and more, the only difficulty in making your appointment is in choosing which technique to benefit from. Last Friday I chose massage, a service which is described as such:
With more then 9 years experience, healing aches and pains, my style is somewhat improvisational, utilizing, Deep Relaxation techniques, combining deep tissue with Acupressure, Swedish and Reflexology to suit each individual, so each session is customized for that person. This is not a typical massage session. Helps you feel refreshed, alert and relaxed. Good for head/neck tensions or whatever ails you in general, especially the winter blues. Let your body experience healing on a mindful level.
  • 60 Minutes - $100
  • 90 Minutes - $140

Housecalls are strictly by advance notice and surcharges will apply for travel & parking fees. 1 hr housecall $125 & up

As I'm sure you can imagine, I was more than pleased with my massage... the release of pent-up toxins and re-centering my energies was phenomenal. My massage with Nourhy was probably the best I've ever had; and I've been around the block! The highlight was when she applied pressure to one of my toes, a reflexology technique, and I felt extreme tingling in my head. Bizarre, but fabulous feeling! Holistic healing has always had my attention, and I appreciate the connection it draws between your body, well-being and soul. The body is a complex thing, a thing that require more than just massage... treat yourself and your body to the marvelousness of Nourhy.

You can book your appointment on her NOW Studio website.

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Chicago Chiropractor said...

I think another great way to feel like amillion bucks is seeing a chiropractor. Alot of the time I wake up (after sleeping on my futon) and have some back pain. Just a thought!