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Ahh, Barcelona. I've never visited you, but I've always wanted to... I've stayed away because of your reputation of being a party city. When in Europe I strive to blend in, absorb the culture and be mysterious. I thought Barcelona was all about being a crazy tourista. By the looks of this villa as advertised on Carribean Way, Barcelona is the place for me! This villa is an eight bedroom, nine bathroom 13,000 square foot establishment of marvelousness!

By the looks of the photos and the features offered, this would be the ideal week-long vacation with a group of very close friends or family! Sleeping 16 comfortably [read: in bona fide beds] and offering four sofa beds, I can already imagine who would receive the invite to join me on this excursion...

With one pool, one children's pool, one heated jacuzzi and being only ten minutes from the beach, this villa has it all! At $3,766 per night, this is the perfect villa for that special getaway that should include your nearest & dearest... by the way, that's really only $235 per night for those 16 people that are sleeping in beds in bedrooms! If you charged $100 for each person that is sleeping on the sofa bed, each person in a bona fide bed would pay $185 per night! What a steal! I have thousands of miles on my AAdvantage account... my trigger finger is ready to book this villa today!

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Amanda Buzard said...

You know, Melody is in Barcelona RIGHT NOW... ;)