If you're a new & emerging fashion designer... read this!

I've just gotten off the phone with Christine, owner of B4UCIT and fashion designer as well! She and her marvelous team are on the verge of announcing a fabulous website that will launch new & emerging fashion designers into national and international spotlights!

Introducting B4UCIT:
This is an exciting new online storefront for independent designers in fashion, art, and furniture. It’s a place for creative designers to reach the broadest customer base with the least amount of investment. And a place for customers with discerning tastes to find unique pieces. Buy, sell, and network all in one place.

Designers: Are you a designer, struggling to get your ideas into customer’s hands? Have you come up with a great design and don’t know how to sell it or where to post it for people to find? Is having a brick and mortar storefront stealing all your profits? Want to be your own boss? This is the website for you.

Customers: Are you a trendsetter? Do you appreciate a unique well constructed garment, talented artists, or custom-made furniture? Is art more than a hobby and more of a lifestyle for you? Do you want something no one else has? Are you tired of being a slave to what someone else thinks is in style, even when it looks horrible? And would you like to have one place to find everything you are looking for? This is the website for you.

I am certainly excited to introduce Christine and support her through CRAVE Chicago! You will find her in our First Edition guide, coming to Chicago in the fourth quarter!

If you need an introduction to Christine and B4UCIT, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to facilitate!

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I would love to talk to you. My brother is a new and emerging fashion designer.. please email me @

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