Brush with Celebrity - again and again

So once again, I had a brush with celebrity in the past couple of days! For the third time since I've moved to Bucktown and started visiting the farmer's markets in Wicker Park on Sundays, I have literally run-into Rick Bayless!

Each of the three times I have bumped into him, swished right by him or stepped on his toes I have never realized who I was assaulting until minutes later when Prince Charming exclaimed "did you see who that was?" No. Of course I didn't.

Man, I need to open my eyes!

Rick, if by some dumb luck of mine you read my blog, I'm sorry I'm a bad neighbor. Next time, that heirloom tomato is on me... I owe ya one.

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tif said...

you can visit him at his house on hermitage & bloomingdale.

i ran into him a bunch at whole foods a lot when it was in its old space.